Managers need to face and solve human resources related challenges on a daily basis. Among other matters, they are expected to respond to the following:

What should be the basis of development discussions?
 What kind of working environment fits us the best?
  How to communicate?
   Who, how and on which topic to train?
    What do the employees find as motivating?
     How to manage a complex natured talent?
      How to attract and retain talent?
       What describes our team dynamics?
        Which candidate to recruit?
        What kind of person do we need?
       What kind of manager am I?
      What describes our organisational culture?
     How to show employees that they are valued?
    How to implement changes?
   What is the potential of me and my subordinates?
  How to reduce personnel turnover?
 How to cut costs on recruiting?
How to increase employee satisfaction and productivity, and thus the profits?

Miscalculating the answers or basing them on intuition only, can lead to the loss of time, money, resources, opportunities or even loss of efficiency. Imagine that you have at your disposal one or two strategic management tools that provide you with all the necessary information with just a couple of mouse-clicks! Seems like utopia? Definitely not!

PROfilesESTonia provides organisations with assessment tools developed by Profiles International that provide them with deep, objective, comprehensive, and valid information about their people, far beyond what they could uncover through typical interviews or performance reviews. The assessments reveal how people think, their attitudes toward important performance-related issues, how people interact with others (as a team and with their manager) as well as natural tendencies and preferences to behave. All of this makes these tools applicable during recruiting processes, succession planning, people development, making management decisions or conducting team analysis.