There are several assessment tools available in the market. Why decide for PROfilesESTonia and Profiles International products?

Profiles International assessment tools are characterized by:

Each client is provided with with their own virtual Profiles Online Assessment Center allowing them to have a virtual recruiting office, employment office, and HR department that is available from anywhere in the world. The Profile International assessments allow preparing a number of different types of reports that offer both in depth (if necessary) but also a quick and concise display of the easy to read results.

Most of our products are translated into multiple languages and adapted by local experts to be culturally appropriate. Localized validations and reliability studies are organised on an on-going basis to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.


The Profiles International products measure the total person within the three most important dimensions of human beings: thinking and reasoning, behavioural traits, and occupational interests.

The assessments have the functionality to create job match patterns that are customized to fit any company and its corporate culture. Job match patterns are used to ensure the recruited people will have many of the same job-related attributes as the proven performers.

The Profile International assessments deliver accurate as well as valid results having the highest reliability rates within this field of business.

The PROfilesESTonia Consultant completely trains its clients on every aspect of using assessments; hence, the clients are never in the situation of not knowing how to use something they have bought. Over time, they become experts in getting the most from the Profile International assessments.

The products, while both reliable and valid, are specifically developed for business use. Instead of attempting to take a general assessment and making it work in a business setting, assessments are created to be relevant to businesses.